A megfejtés…

… arra, hogy miért ilyen rossz egy csomó tárgy az egyetemen:

Many education researchers and practitioners believe that reducing extraneous cognitive load is always beneficial for the learner. In other words, if a student has a relatively easy time learning a new lesson or concept, both the student and instructor are likely to label the session as successful.

That sounds reasonable, right? Shouldn’t learning be as easy and effortless as possible? Unfortunately, this assumption turns out to be mostly wrong, as numerous studies have found that making material harder to learn — what the researchers call disfluency — can actually improve long-term learning and retention:

There is strong theoretical justification to believe that disfluency could lead to improved retention and classroom performance. Disfluency has been shown to lead people to process information more deeply, more abstractly, more carefully, and yield better comprehension, all of which are critical to effective learning.

Ezek direkt csinálják. Agyam eldobom.
forrás: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/01/the-benefit-of-ugly-fonts/

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