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Of Refugees, Migration, and Human Nature

Ezen írás magyar fordítása elérhető itt. / The Hungarian translation of this article is accessible here. At first, this is my opinion, and could be just as wrong, as yours. I wrote this because I already saw a few flawed explanations, spreading … Continue reading

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A megfejtés…

… arra, hogy miért ilyen rossz egy csomó tárgy az egyetemen: Many education researchers and practitioners believe that reducing extraneous cognitive load is always beneficial for the learner. In other words, if a student has a relatively easy time learning a … Continue reading

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Debouncing, avagy pergésmentesítés

Egy remek, kimerítő leírás itt: http://www.ganssle.com/debouncing-pt2.htm#

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Some useless RGB LED experiment w/ Arduino

Disclaimer: The following article is written by a hungarian student, who had never learned english, so it may (and will) contain major grammatical and stylistical errors. It is also possible, that I do things badly, so if you follow my … Continue reading

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